BOOLit Game Studio

BOOLit is an indie game developer studio located in Šempeter, one of the smaller countryside areas of Slovenia. This is a perfect location for us game developers to do our work and also enjoy the beauty of outdoors if we need a break.

About me

My name is Žiga Krmelj and I’m the founder of BOOLit entertainment. I’m also the developer of every game found on this website, but primarily I’m a 2D/3D designer, animator and also a musician.

Company info & contact details

  • BOOLit, izdelava in izdajanje računalniških ter mobilnih iger, Žiga Krmelj s.p.
  • Zg. Grušovlje 16a,
  • SI-3311 Šempeter
  • RN: 6845142000
  • VAT: 18398804
  • IBAN: SI56 1010 0005 4300 498 (BANKA KOPER d.d.)